About us


With over than 25 years of experience, Prime Photo Group started as an industrial laboratory of photography, and as always excelled on the quality of the services to professionals photographers.

Currently, Prime Photo Group activity is directed to different market segments of professional photography. Our services range go through several areas as printing and binding of digital albums and also large photographic digital printing.



PRIME ALBUNS started 10 years ago, out of the development of the company, and today has its own binding department, where handmade production is perfectly combined with the most advanced equipment’s available in this area.

The standard quality applied throughout the fabrication process of all our products, allows us to ensure that we can supply a full range of high quality products top detailed.

In our area, we set ourselves apart by the excellency of our products and services, setting our standards of quality to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Portugal remains our primary market, where we keep on investing, but our strong focus on worldwide markets is already felt in our business structure. Currently we maintain business relationships with customers in various parts of the world, that leads us to prove that we are in the right direction and we will continue this way.


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